The basic, general rules/etiquette of IJ RP apply here. For example, no crossing IC/OOC, no godmoding/powerplaying, etc. If you have any concerns and/or questions, please do not be afraid to contact us!

JOURNALS. Usernames must be out of character and relate to your character in some way. No underscores and numbers allowed. If recycling a journal, please make sure it is cleared out as well as removed from any and all other communities.

PLAYED-BYS. PBs may be five years younger or five years older than your character's actual age, but must always be over the age of eighteen. If you are unsure of your character's actual age, please use your best judgment. In any case, if you decide to make your character older than its counterpart (i.e. - Peter Pan, Vanellope van Schweetz, etc.), please explain that the difference is due to the curse. Additionally, please make it a point to research your character's culture and race to avoid the potential of whitewashing a POC character.

CHARACTER LIMITS. The character limit is currently 4.

INFORMATION POST. We require biographies or five to ten highly detailed facts. Biographies/facts should amount to a minimum of at least 300 words.

SCREENED POST. Please set up a screened post for contact.

EXAMPLES. Please submit at least least two scenes & two first-person/narratives. Please do not PM us your examples.

MISC. We will not accept live-action characters with the exception of Enchanted and Roger Rabbit. Characters must be on either this or this list.

We reserve the right to not respond to inquiries about why an application was rejected.

~UPONS's activity cycle starts on the first of each month. But if you were added after the 15th, all we require of you until our next activity cycle is your introduction.

Our activity requirements for each activity cycle:
2 RANDOM POSTS. Instagram, lyrics, etc. within your journal.
1 SUBSTANTIAL POST. First-person entry, introduction, narrative, scene or substantial amount of original and/or unique coding effort.